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Other research lines

  • Lead: Simona Seteanu, Alexandru Gaianu, Dragos Iliescu, PhD, others
  • Team: Varies

Besides the main research efforts detailed on the other pages, our group is pursuing other research lines as well, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Trans-generational effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACE), especially fathers’ ACEs.  (Lead: Simona Seteanu)
  • Predictors of aggressive driving. (Lead: Alexandru Gaianu)
  • Psychological anomalies (Lead: Cezar Giosan, PhD)
  • Reporting and feedback: Design principles and ergnomics (Lead: Dragos Iliescu, PhD)
  • Cross-cultural research, focused on measurement instruments (Lead: Dragos Iliescu, PhD)
  • Psychological well-being and performance in human activities (Lead: Dragos Iliescu, PhD)

Other research lines from our graduate and doctoral students will be added here in the future.