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Prevalence of mental disorders

  • Lead: Cezar Giosan, PhD
  • Key Team: Dragos Iliescu, PhD
  • Goal: To estimate prevalence of mental disorders in various Romanian populations
  • Info: read a news release

Knowing the rates of mental disorders in a population (e.g., a society) is critical for basic clinical and public health research, implementation of awareness and prevention programs, as well as for the most efficient allocation of resources for interventions.

Our group is conducting studies on the prevalence of various mental conditions in the general Romanian population as well as in specific Romanian populations, such as the military, private sector, or education.

One important project that our group conducted was an epidemiological study done on the Romanian military population. In this study, approximately 5000 military personnel from all military units in Romania as well as active duty personnel deployed in war zones were evaluated psychologically for depression, anxieties (e.g., phobias, posttraumatic stress disorder), or substance abuse.