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Consequences of social media use

  • Lead: Catalina Popoviciu
  • Key Team: Cezar Giosan, PhD, Ioan Vraciu, Andrei Serban Zanfirescu, Daniel Cojocaru, Simona Seteanu
  • Goal: To examine the effects of Social Media use on well-being

We are currently examining the mediating and moderating factors of the relationship between social media use and well-being, depression, or anxiety. We are also examining gender and age differences in these relationships, as well as the impact of social media on school performance. A sub-line of research constitutes the association between social media use and suicidal ideation.

We also are exploring the merits of a potential addition of a Social Media Addiction diagnosis to the future editions of the DSM as well as the validity of adapting addiction scales (e.g., for alcohol dependency) to social media.