Work with us

We offer a number of opportunities to people or entities who are interested in working with us.


For job seekers

We have a number of unpaid, volunteering positions available at the moment. We are looking for people with superb programming skills. If you are a computer science student who needs a dissertation topic and wants to work with highly qualified experts on human behavior, we're listening. We are looking in particular for people who know Python and ML/DL or neural networks.

We are also looking for blockchain programmers and web and mobile app developers.

Alternatively, we are seeking people who have out-of-the-box research ideas about human behavior. If you are a student in psychology or other disciplines on your way to change our understanding of how the mind works, we're inviting you to have a chat with us.

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For startups

Remember when Google's founders hired a much older Eric Schmidt to lead them and their company to greatness? If you are a newly-minted startup, you need guidance and other types of assistance from the adults in the room. The days when a crappy pitch deck could nonetheless lead to substantial funding are long gone. Investors are now a lot more picky and you need to be prepared.

The Center for Applied Psychology at the University of Bucharest is a startup incubator, providing free or equity-based expert consulting services on a wide range of areas, from behavioral coaching to maximize your chances to successfully pitch your idea to a VC to thorough and critical analyses of your advertising strategies and business projections.

If you are a pre-startup and have a business idea that revolves around human behavior, and need the advice of experts in psychology, we can work with you to bring it to perfection.

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For investors and venture capitalists

The Center for Applied Psychology is open to collaborations with venture capitalists who might want to bring our existing IP and know-how to commercialization or want to work with us to develop IP.

Alternatively, we can serve as a critical, objective third party when you do your due diligence of startups that are creating businesses that involve psychology and human behavior, from a thorough analysis of the idea to an evaluation of the founders.

If you are interested in some other ways that we may collaborate, please also see our services or contact us.

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